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Turtle Bay

by Michelle Weibling & Yurae Han

Sundial Bridge

On Thursday, June 27th, we went to Turtle Bay Exploration Park and the Sundial Bridge.

It was a beautiful day!

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Seeing the Sundial Bridge up close impressed everyone, especially when we first saw it emerge from behind the trees. Crossing the bridge also provides a fantastic view of the Sacramento River. It made some of us want to get in a boat or go swimming!

Since it was such a beautiful day, there were lots of people out walking and bicycling over the bridge. Many of them brought their dogs too. The dog Gahui and John are playing with was very popular-- a while after we said goodbye, we saw her meeting more of our classmates!

Right next to the Sundial Bridge is the Turtle Bay Museum and Exploration Park. The museum is full of opportunities to learn about local and natural history. We also got to see the rotating exhibit "Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear. There were a lot of fun activities that taught us how humans and animals evolved fear responses as a tool for survival.

One of the first exhibits we saw was the Visible River Aquarium. It gives visitors an up-close look at the wildlife and plants that can be found in the Sacramento River-- which passes right by the museum!
We also saw lots of different animals all around Paul Bunyan's Forest Camp, including in enclosures that housed parrots and butterflies.

There's a playground for everyone! We loved the smokejumper swing.

Here are some of the students' thoughts about their trip to Turtle Bay!

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