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The Students

Anastasia Afonskaia is majoring in Biological Sciences. She likes to play video games and watch funny scary movies.

Haemi Ahn is majoring in English Literature. She loves playing computer game, especially ‘Dead by Daylight’, so she is really looking forward to play it, soon. Also, she loves cats!!

Carver Solem is majoring in psychology and wants to minor in education. He wants to teach English as a second language over seas so he can see what the world has to offer. his main hobbies are D&D and computer games.

Abigail Chesson is majoring in Language Arts. She hopes to teach English in South Korea before earning a Master’s Degree at La Sorbonne. She also loves ballet and wants to minor in Dance.

Ha Yi Ju is majoring in British & American Studies. She likes playing the flute and swim.

Han Yu Rae is majoring in Media Contents. She interested in making a videos with a lot of people. She also has a youtube channel. She wanna be a famous video producer.

Kaye Hansen is majoring in studio arts, and is interested in illustrating for the video game industry. They love science, and learning new things.

Arik Hern is an Asian Studies major nearing completion of his Bachelors degree that plans to teach English in South Korea. He likes hiking, rock climbing, longboarding and learning new languages.

Jang GaHui is majoring in Journalism. Her minor is Tourism. she is interested in taking picture and being good friend with others. she is good at acting. she wants to be a shopping host.

Gayoung is majoring in Economics and Finance. She likes to go shopping and travel. She is interested in writing a blog.

Kim Min Ju is majoring in filming. She really like zero coke. She favorite color is blue.

Shu Kuribayashi is majoring in Computer Science. He is interested in playing soccer. I am an international student in Shasta College from Japan.

Juhee is majoring in English(British&American Studies). She is interested in traveling and meeting people from many countries. She likes watching movie.

Hi, my name is Connor Mendenhall, and I’m a double major in both microbiology and botany. I enjoy riding motorcycles and playing the guitar.

Christina is getting her associates degree in English and her masters in teaching English as a second language. She loves musicals and D&D, so you could call her a certified nerd. She also loves food and will rant about the best/worst foods all day if you let her.

Park Kabin is majoring in Digital Animation. She likes ice cream. She likes drawing and writing.

Soo Yeon Park is majoring in IT Finance Management. She loves traveling other countries. She have been to China, Philippines and U.S.A.. She is planning to go Vietnam next winter.

Monica Perry is a Brazilian American Asian Studies major looking to study across the world and learn about a lot of different cultures. She loves pursuing music and art in her free time (no matter how bad she is at it). She is currently learning to play the guitar!

Yejin SEO is majoring in tourism. she is interested in watching movie in her free time. She likes spicy food.

Elizabeth Snyder’s major is international relations. She enjoys swimming and going on road trips.

Ceaira Stuart is double majoring in English and Liberal Studies. She likes playing video games and taking naps with her cats.

Janese Wagner is an incoming freshman at Shasta College. Her majors are deaf studies and journalism where she hopes to be working with the deaf community as well as becoming an interpreter for the deaf. Janese enjoys reading, writing, swimming, and on occasion she’ll hike.

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