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Sierra Pacific Industries: What is it?

An experience by Abigail Chesson and Yiju Ha.

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There are a lot of cool places in the world: New York, London, Paris. Guess where we went?

Before going on this trip, we didn't really know what Sierra Pacific Industries was. When we arrived, we were given safety vests, hard hats, headphones, etc., before beginning our journey through the towers of wood. The first thing I noticed upon entering one of the manufacturing buildings was the sawdust polluting our lungs and causing coughing attacks. It made breathing rather difficult. The next thing I noticed was that I couldn't hear anything. We were given headphones so that the tour guide could explain the surrounding operations to us, but if you lagged even five feet behind him, the headphones were silent. Therefore, I spent most of this trip adjusting my ear plugs and trying not to breathe in sawdust.

We went on a field trip to Sierra Pacific Industries on July 8th. Sierra Pacific is one of the largest timber producers in the United States. We toured the factory wearing a fluorescent vest, goggles, helmet and headset.

Walking around the site.
Even more walking.
Air conditioned computer room. Our favorite room.

As aforementioned, our first stop was a large building where trees were cut and processed. The first picture shows us walking to the building in our cool outfits. Our next stop was the computer room where an employee was observing the operations of the industry and making adjustments as needed. Lastly, we went to a building where engineering for the company is created and fine-tuned. There we were serenaded by the beautiful voice of the engineer, who was humming the same melody over and over into the microphone without knowing.

But the weather was so hot that it was hard to walk and sawdust flourished because it was a wood processing plant. The factory was really big, but it wasn't really interesting. I heard that last year's program visited a bottled water factory, which must have been a lot more interesting.

True love.

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Despite not being able to breathe or hear, we were able to have a lot of fun on this trip. Above you can see Shu expertly tossing his water bottle in an attempt to get it to land standing. Not pictured was an intense game of shoulder tapping where we tapped each others shoulders and pretended it was someone else. I still can't tell you what exactly Sierra Pacific Insustries is, but it was a lot of fun and Shu eventually got the bottle to land standing.

I don't want to recommend visiting here. But because it is not common in Korea to visit a wood processing plant, Sierra Pacific tour was a new experience for me.

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