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San Francisco

By Christina Morales & Carver Solem

Itinerary We started our morning at 6:30 with a long car ride to San francisco. We arrived at Pier 39 around 11:00 and stayed for two hours. We had lunch and experienced the pier. We saw alcatraz, sea lions, weird shops, and street performers. However, some of the girls went straight for Macy's for some shopping. Then we took a cable car to Union Square, where the girls got to get even more shopping done. Then, we took the bus to a lookout point for the Golden Gate bridge. Finally we started to head back home. We stopped for Round Table along the way and arrived back in Redding around 9:40pm. It was a long day, but it was my favorite field trip by far.

The cable car.
The Pier.
Union Square.

Lunch. We all got meal vouchers that we could redeem at a number of places. The variety of food we could get was huge, so I think the vouchers were a really good deal.The group we were with chose a japanese restaurant with a beautiful view of the ocean. The food was so good, and it came with a drink and soup. Some of the other students chose a more traditional route and got things like fish and chips and clam chowder in bread bowls. Everyone also loved coffee, so a couple students stopped for fancy coffee in the big city.

Instagram. One of the main things the SCH students spent their time doing is making instagram posts. As an Instagram connoisseur myself, I noticed a few differences between Korean Instagram pages and American ones. One big difference is the shape of the photos. The Korean students only took square photos. Americans used to take square photos when Instagram was newer, but now we prefer longer photos. Another thing is the posses. American girls go for more cool and 'hot' poses, but the Korean girls went for more cute and fun poses. I loved doing the little heart pose they do with their thumb and pointer fingers. Maybe I will incorporate more Korean Instagram habits in the future.

Christina's Experience

My favorite part was the sock shop. I bought socks that have a little bear face on the ankle, and they are extremely comfortable. I bought my roommate Minju a plush otter with a San Fran hoodie on it (pictured below). She loved it and took pictures of it around the city. Some of the SCH students had clam chowder and loved it. They also loved the bigger shopping areas like union square. I think that both Shasta College and SCH students loved the cable car experience and the view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Carver's Experience

San Francisco is an amazing city, but hands down my favorite part of this trip was the cable cars. Seeing the massive city we know as San Francisco on one of the original cable cars is a new experience I won't soon forget. Riding down the dense streets and buildings in a slow moving cable car gives you perspective on how big the city really is, but also how beautiful the city is if you just take the time to look. I felt like the cable car really helped everyone slow down and experience the city for what it really is.

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