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Whiskeytown Kayaking

Whiskey town Kayaking.

Hello, everyone! We went to Whiskeytown for Kayaking. It was great experience to do both sightseeing and Kayaking. If you want to see our story, here we go!

Wiskeytown is about 45mins away from Shasta college. And It is well known for Kayak tours. when I just get off the bus, Stunning view was greeting me and other friends.

Time to go Kayaking! I still can’t forget the moment  just get into water. The water was cool and pure just like an emerald. With a great view, exciting adventure it was “perfect”.

However, rowing your boat wasn’t easy. Because both cooperation with your partner and your efforts were needed. But once I adjusted, It became really good experience.

Because, I can see how my rowing skills and teamwork were improving. More importantly, watching the nature with exciting adventure was so memorable!

Saying “YAY!” All of our members enjoyed it. Even, some of us jump into the water to enjoy the nature.

I really love this summer program in Shasta college including Kayaking. Because so much adventure waiting for us, with nice people. This program is totally worth it in my life.
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