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by Anastasia Afonskaia

Health Sciences

When we went to Health Sciences building of Shasta College, we visited the Dental Department,the physical therapy room, and the simulation room. We first went into the Dental Department where the teacher explained he process of becoming a dental hygenist and the benenfits of becoming one. Then we went into a room that had dental x-rays, models and drawings of teeth, and plastic skulls so the students can learn about skull structure. When we were done with exploring the Dental Department, we got the dental care pack.

Then we went to the physical therapy room. In there, the instructor discussed many of the programs that would help a student get into a health profession. She explained some of the equipement in the room. Then she showed us how to take to take someone's blood pressure and explained how to use a stethoscope. Then we practiced taking blood pressure on each other. After that, we left for the simulation room.

When we came into the simulation room, we saw beds filled with fake patients. They were made of rubber and some of them can blink and even talk. Then we gathered up and the instructor talked about what they do in the room, pregnancies, and the birthing process. Then some of the students volunteered to participate in a simulated birth. They got suited up and were given roles for what they had to do after the baby came out. Then we delivered Victoria's baby. When that was done, we left for the bus.

Dental Department

Janese is standing next to the chair patients sit in when they visit the dentist.

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This is a mold of teeth that the dental hygienist students made.

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This is a x-ray of teeth.

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Physical Therapy Room

Kaye and Shahbaaz are trying to take Shu's blood preesure.

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Janese trying to take Kabin's blood pressure, but Haemi and Yiju think Kabin is dead.

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Carver, Christina, and Ceaira are watching Connor take his blood pressure.

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Simulation Room

Kabin is holding the baby and Gahui is looking at the baby.

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The baby

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