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Adventure to Burney Falls

By Ceaira Stuart & 이주희 (Lee Juhee)

Is a trip really a trip if it doesn't start off with some sort of slight inconvenience? When we arrived at Burney Falls, we were met with some panic as the person who takes the payment for parking had quit earlier that day. We were afraid we would have to turn around and return to the campus because we didn't have cash! But thankfully Chelsea and Tabitha were able to think of a solution, and everything worked out in the end. Our adventure officially started off with ice cream, which more than made up for the delay!

Monica enjoying her ice cream surrounded by nature!
Yiju, Haemi, Minju, & Yurae~!

The Burney Falls in California is one of the 25 waterfalls you should see before you die. It's at the entrance of MacArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park. President Roosevelt described it as 'one of the eight wonders of the world.' Because of the beautiful scenery, clean air and water make Bunny Falls shine even more.

The waterfall is said to have been bought by the 19th century MacArthur's family to protect nature and donated it to the government. So the name is MacArthur Burney Falls Memorial Park.

The sound of falling water and rising water fog keep you cool.

The trek down to the falls itself was rather uneventful. I expected more of a hike, but it was quick to get to our destination. The scenery was breathtaking! There was so much green everywhere. It was such a pleasant break from city life.

One of the things that surprised me the most was the stark temperature drop the closer we got to the falls. Obviously it's a given that getting closer to a body of water would make your surroundings cooler, but the drop was so sudden! It felt like at least a 10 degree difference. The closer you go to the water itself, fine mist was sprayed on you from the falls. The water itself was absolutely freezing, but there were several brave souls who took the plunge into the icy depths and had a blast!

The climb down to the water was a little daunting, but with some help and careful foot placement, it was pretty fun! I definitely felt the workout the following day.

Connor taking a photo of me, taking a photo of him. Photoception.

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It was difficult, but we managed to get all of us into one photo!

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