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Arik's Birthday

Dinner at Coco's

To celebrate Arik's birthday our entire group went out to dinner at Coco's.

New Experiences

For some of the SCH students it was their first time trying an American-style Mongolian grill. The next weekend when we went to Sacramento, the SCH students got to share some of their favorite Korean dishes with the Shasta College students.

Sharing Tasty Food

We went into Coco's with a group of over twenty people. Half of us choose the grill option and the rest ordered sushi. Those who did the grill got their food way before the others, so we shared our stir frys. And when the sushi came, we shared that too. That has been one of the ways we've all bonded the most; sharing good food.

Arik and Ciera

Arik and his girlfriend, Ciera, posing for a picture at Shasta dam earlier that day.

June/July 2019 at a Glance

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