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Chico State University Fieldtrip

by Arik Hern & Kim Gayoung

What we did

We woke up bright and early to load up onto the bus for our hour and a half drive out to chico state univerity. It was a warm summer day and the air conditioning on the bus was less thatn accomodating. Upon arrival we all got off of the bus tired from the heat but were promptly greeted by beautiful views and green grass at the Chico State University Campus. we arived early, so we had time to explore, talk and go find food and drinks before returning for the main event.
while at the chico state campus we took part in a veriety show and had a chance to experience the views and perks of being a student in the area

Branden did a flip
Chico State University
Branden had fun at the vollyball court

Chico State Campus

At the Chico State Univerity campus, there were many great views to take in including a rose garden, a bridge with a creek running below and so much nature to take in. definitely a serene place to go to study and learn in a calm quiet environment. Branden found a large vollyball court on campus and decided to take advantage of the opportunity by practicing his parkour.

Side Trips

Proof that we were here

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It was a nice day for a walk

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While we were at the unioversity we had some time to explore the campus on our own. We took a couple trips to nearby places to get refreshments and relax.


We stopped by starbucks since it was closeby. It was a pretty warm summer day so the cold drinks were rather refreshing.

Going in

This is the entrance to the starbucks that we visited

Variety show!

while visiting the campus there was a festival going on that we all attended. At this festival there was a variety show which some of our peers participated in

Variety show!

Some of the Upward Bound students in the Trio Program also participated in the variety show.


After getting drinks, some of the students stopped by a nearby burger joint called the bear for lunch. The burgers looked delicious!

Flower Garden

While exploring the campus we came across a garden of roses which proved to be a great place to stop and enjoy the scenery. Chico state had many beautiful views spread throughout the campus.

Translation / 번역.

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